What is the Spotty™ Training Place™?

The Spotty™ Training Place™ is a revolutionary new way to house train dogs and puppies. The Training Place™ provides an always-accessible indoor dog potty, which is great for puppies and older dogs.

How does it work?

The Spotty™ Training Place™ in-home system creates a natural "outdoor" place for your pet where it will comfortably and conveniently learn to "go". The Training Place™ works more reliably, faster and with more ease than simply using regular puppy pads or newspaper alone. Spotty™ Training Place™ Pads absorb liquid pet waste for superior odor control for up to one week. This reduces your total pad usage which saves you money by using fewer pads, saves you time by not having to set new pads out daily, and reduces waste sent to landfills. Spotty™ Training Place™ can be used for puppies, indoor dogs (up to 46lb), dogs dealing with incontinence or dogs that spend a lot of time indoors.

Do you need to use puppy pads in the Spotty™ Training Place™?

While the use of Spotty™ Training Place™ Pads is recommended, it is not necessary for the use of the Spotty training place. Using newspaper inside the training place is a workable alternative.

Why should you use Spotty™ Training Place™ rather than just a puppy pad?

The Spotty™ Training Place™ helps to contain and conceal pet waste better than a puppy pad alone. The Training Place™ prevents shredding of the puppy pads, uses doggy attract in the grass to lure your dog and keeps your dog's paws dry.

What separates Spotty™ Training Place™ from UGODOG and WIZDOG?

The Training Place™ has a natural bathroom appeal and is more durable and affordable than its competitors.

How easy is it to clean the Spotty™ Training Place™?

The Spotty™ Training Place™ is easy to take apart and clean with Spotty™ Cleansing Wipes. Grass can be easily rinsed under the faucet if necessary.

What do I do if my dog is already puppy pad trained?

The transition from puppy pads to the Training Place™ is a breeze! Start by placing the blue training place basins where you usually put your puppy pads, then place a puppy pad inside of the basins. Once your dog is used to stepping into the basins to eliminate, place the grids on top of the puppy pad. Once your dog is used to this, then place the grass on top of the grid and you are good to go!

How do I train a puppy/dog to use the Spotty Training Place?

For puppies:

Your puppy looks to you as his leader. Therefore you must lead your puppy to the Training Place™ and place him on it while giving him a relief command such as "Go Potty" or "Potty". Repeat this every time he is first removed from his crate and just after eating or drinking. If your puppy walks off the Training Place™ without "going", simply put him back on it and gently repeat your command. If your pet still doesn't "go", let him go under a watchful eye. When he starts sniffing or pacing around it is time to bring him back to the Training Place™ and repeat training steps. Reward your puppy with treats and praises when he learns the meaning of your command.

Continue training to reinforce Training Place™ usage until your pet learns and recognizes that this is the appropriate place to relieve himself routinely and without prompting. Remove solid pet waste from the grass frequently and change pad in the basin at least once per week. A clean Training Place™ will encourage continued use.

Training can happen as fast as one week, but can take longer as dogs learn at their own pace. Please be patient with your puppy. Your persistence, continuous repetition, time and attention will deliver rewarding results.

For Indoor dogs (past the puppy stage):

Same as Puppy, but dogs past puppy stages have often learned commands and have an easier time learning new commands.

For Outdoor dogs transitioning inside:

Dogs past puppy stages have often learned commands and have an easier time learning new commands. We don't believe old dogs can't learn new tricks! This aspect of training is about leading your dog and praising him for positive results.

Select an outdoor area about 3 square feet. Give your dog a relief command such as "Go Potty" or "Potty". Praise your dog for "going" in this area as commanded. Once trained to use this area, position Training Place into this area and lead your dog to the Training Place™. Encourage use with the relief command. If necessary, and further incentive is required, you can give your dog a better idea of your command by placing a piece of his poo on the Training Place™. Enthusiastically praise and give your dog treats for every successful "go".

After your dog is reliably using Training Place™, slowly move it closer and closer to your house and finally into your house. Remember to move slowly and gradually with this transition. It is not uncommon for this training to take up to a month.

Where in my home should I put the Spotty™ Training Place™?

Place Spotty™ Training Place™ and Training Place™ Pads in an area nearby, but not immediately next to your pets crate or food and water. The ideal location may be in an adjoining hallway or adjacent area to your pet's area. It would be ok to have it on the other side of the room - at least 2 or 3 feet away from the den and food area. It must be in an area where your pet has 24/7 access.

What are the dimensions of the Spotty™ Training Place™?

The spotty Training Place is 32" by 21", perfect for dogs up to 46lbs.

Where can I purchase Spotty™ Training products?

All of our Spotty™ training products are currently available at WalMart.

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