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Bags To Go™ dispenser and 20 ct refills

Bags To Go™ from Spotty™ makes you a responsible pet owner! The convenient snap clip easily attaches the dispenser to your leash and is the perfect size for walks and travel. The dispenser comes with 20 patterned refill bags.

Bag Design:
Bags To Go Dispenser with 20 refill bags
Item #: 58020 (Hearts)
Item #: 59020 (Skulls)

120 Count refills

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Easily refill your Spotty™ bone dispenser with our Spotty™ patterned refill bags available in different colors and patterns.

Bag Design
Bags To Go: 120 ct Refills
Item #: 58120 (Hearts)
Item #: 59120 (Skulls)
Item #: 59220 (Multi Color)
Item #: 59222 (Purple)
Item #: 59223 (Green)
Item #: 59224 (Dark Blue)
Item #: 59225 (Pink)
Item #: 59226 (Black)