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Indoor Dog Potty

What a Relief! Time saving Spotty™ is there when you can't be. Spotty Indoor Dog Potty™ is the revolutionary in-home training system for indoor dogs and puppies. Using a combination of puppy pads, grid, and grass, the system separates and absorbs liquid pet waste for superior odor control for up to one week! The Spotty Indoor Dog Potty™ features a scented grass inlay that attracts dogs and includes a snap-in grid to hold the Spotty Indoor Dog Potty™ puppy pads in place. This means no more shredded puppy pad messes saving you time and the hassle of daily clean up. The Spotty Indoor Dog Potty™ also saves you money and waste by using fewer pads.

Spotty Indoor Dog Potty
Item #: 2300
Spotty Indoor Dog Potty Replacement Grass
Item #: 2102

Training Pads

Training Place Pads

Spotty Indoor Dog Potty™ Pads are the newest in puppy pad technology! Designed for use with our Spotty Indoor Dog Potty™, these super-absorbent pads turn liquid pet waste into gel, eliminating wet puppy feet and messy dripping during clean up. These pads are perfect with or without the use of the Indoor Dog Potty™ for senior, incontinent or indoor dogs and puppies.

Spotty Indoor Dog Potty Pads
10 count
Item #: 2121
Spotty Indoor Dog Potty Pads
25 count
Item #: 2125
Spotty Indoor Dog Potty Pads
100 count
Item #: 2110


Training Place Wipes

Spotty™ Cleansing Wipes are quick on pet messes and tough on pet residue! Designed with our Spotty Indoor Dog Potty™ in mind, our wipes are extra-thick and freshly scented for a one-step freshening and cleaning solution!

Spotty Cleansing Wipes
75 count
Item #: 2124