"We are enriched by pets and are proud to serve them."

We Love Pets

We are enriched by pets and are proud to serve them. At Royal Pet Incorporated, our life stream generates from creating and innovating essential items for pets and pet owners with the purpose of fulfilling a life-long companionship.

In The Beginning

Since 1996, Royal Pet Incorporated has provided petcare products for some of the world's most progressive retailers, distributors, and pet stores. We humbly came into existence with the launch of Fresh Kitty™ litter box liners. Over the years, Royal Pet Incorporated has earned a reputation for innovation, both under the Royal Pet name and various brands and store brand identities.


We offer over a hundred unique pet items ranging from our trend-setting litter boxes and litter scoops to dog pick-up, house training, and walking accessories. We have such recognizable items and brand names as: Spotty™, Fresh Kitty™, Companion Gear™, and more.

A Faithful Team

Located in Minnesota, Royal Pet Incorporated's comprehensive team of product designers, engineers, award-winning packaging designers, and customer care professionals are dedicated to producing the very best in unique petcare products.

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